Skincare for Teenagers

Skincare for Teenagers

The skin undergoes major transformations and many changes during the formative years, which is why most adolescents and teenagers require special skincare.

A most common skin issue faced by teenagers is acne or breakouts.


Why Do Breakouts Occur in Teens?

Breakouts happen to teenagers due to several reasons:

  1. Hormones – The body starts producing a lot more hormones during the teenage years, especially androgens, which trigger oil production. When excessive oil is produced, pores become clogged easily, and bacteria usually found in the skin multiplies.This results in inflammation and a red, swollen bump known as acne.

  2. Makeup – Teenage girls start to experiment with makeup around their adolescent years, exposing their skin to ingredients which could irritate the skin or clog pores and in turn cause breakouts.

  3. Negligence – Many teenagers, especially teenage boys, do not know the proper way to care for their skin and end up not caring for it at all. Some may use skincare, but not the suitable or right kind due to lack of information or knowledge.


The Right Skincare Routine

Teenagers can establish an uncomplicated skincare routine that helps them ease into the habit of maintaining their skin.

  1. Cleanse gently – Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser that does not irritate the skin yet cleanses thoroughly.

  2. Moisturize – Proper moisturizing can provide the skin with hydration and relieve skin from the discomfort of dryness and itchiness. This also prevents the skin from secreting too much oil to compensate for dryness.

  3. Protect – It is advisable to always apply sunscreen, so as to avoid accumulating damages to the skin caused by UV rays from the sun.



Other skincare measures to counter breakouts include using oil-blotting sheets, exfoliating weekly, keeping the skin clean throughout the day, and avoiding polluted environments.