Hydration for your Baby

Hydration for your Baby

Moisturising your baby may not be a top priority for most mothers as a baby’s soft skin is often assumed to be hydrated enough. This often leads to a lack of moisture in a baby’s skin.

When a baby’s skin lacks moisture, it leads to dry skin, which opens doors for a variety of skin conditions and problems. Itchiness, chafing and even eczema are caused or aggravated by dry skin. This causes discomfort and pain to your baby and when left unaddressed, may lead to prolonged distress.


Knowing Your Baby’s Skin

Your baby’s skin is different from an adult’s, and requires special attention and skincare. While it’s true that a baby’s skin absorbs moisture faster, it also loses moisture faster because the top layer of the baby’s skin (the epidermis) does not attach as well to the layer below (the dermis) . A baby’s skin is thinner and a lot more susceptible to changes and environmental factors than an adult’s, and having well-moisturised skin helps protect them from a myriad of other skin problems.


Make Time for a Massage

Make moisturising an enjoyable routine for both you and your baby by creating a regular massage session that benefits your baby physically as well as emotionally. Here are some steps for a soothing parent-baby massage time:

  • Apply a suitable amount of Cetaphil Baby Lotion  on your baby’s palm

  • Gently circle each of your baby’s palms with your thumbs, working the lotion in.

  • Do this to the back of your baby’s hands, then work your way up to their arms. 4. For their fingers, gently take a finger between your thumb and forefinger and tug very lightly. Repeat for all fingers.



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