Why and How our Hands Age

Why and How our Hands Age

The skin on your hands can dry out due to several reasons, namely:

1) Air-conditioning

In our humid weather, we rely heavily on air-conditioning to keep ourselves comfortable, but long-term exposure to air-conditioning is one of the biggest contributors to dry skin. When the wind blows directly on your skin, the effects can be especially harsh.

2) Overcleansing

Washing your hands too frequently can dry your skin out faster, especially when you use a cleanser that contains harsh ingredients (soap and alcohol).

3) Lack of moisturisation

Sometimes, our skin may lose moisture and requires external hydration to restore its natural protective barrier. When there isn’t enough hydration, skin dries out.

4) Exposure

Our hands are the most exposed and utilised parts of our bodies and they come in contact with various elements every day, making them vulnerable and prone to drying out.


How do you know if the skin on your hands is dry or drying out?

These are potential signs:

1) Rough Skin

Does your skin feel rough or uneven? It could be because your skin is losing or lacking in moisture.

2) Peeling Skin

Dry skin peels off or flakes because there is not enough moisture to hold it together.

3) Itchy Skin

If your skin feels itchy, it’s a potential sign of dryness.

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