Baby Shower Done Right

Baby Shower Done Right

A newborn typically does not need to be bathed too often, because most babies do not lead overly active lifestyles and are not exposed to as many environmental elements as the average adult.


Babies also do not sweat as much as adults, hence decreasing the need for them to be “cleaned” as often. Typically, anything above 3 or 4 times a week is considered excessive bathing for a baby.



Bathing Your Baby 


1) The Right Temperature


Ensure that the water is set at a suitable temperature for your baby. The ideal temperature is when the water feels pleasantly warm; not too hot or cold. Always check the water (dip your elbow into the water to gauge) before introducing your baby’s skin to it. If it’s too hot for your elbow, it definitely is too hot for your baby’s skin.


2) A Good Hold


Good support is important while you’re bathing your baby. Keep a gentle but firm hold on your baby throughout the bathing process. Place one hand under your baby’s bottom and place your other arm around your baby’s shoulders and back of their neck (a position that you should keep throughout). With the hand that is supporting your baby’s bottom, gently scoop and swish the water around your baby’s body to wash it.


3) Always Stay with Your Baby


Do not leave your baby unattended in the bath, even if it’s just for a while. If you need to leave the bathroom to check on something, halt the bathing process and carry your baby along with you. Your baby should never be left unsupervised, and this holds especially true during bath time.





When done properly, bath time can be a fun and good way to bond with your baby and ensure their skin is healthy. Moisturise your baby’s skin with a gentle moisturiser after bathing to keep their skin healthy and hydrated.